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Margo Rey


Put simply, Margo Rey’s latest album The Roots Of Rey is aural luxury at its finest. It exhibits visceral passion and pain and reminds us that love comes at a price. But, fortunately, she also makes us aware that its deliciousness is easily worth each and every one of its inevitable injuries. In fact, both Rey’s lyrics and her voice give us back to ourselves in ways that are shockingly candid. Not to mention ineffably gorgeous.

Anyone with a pulse will rediscover the sheer spectacle of what the human heart can endure — everything. A sexy resonance is always present that invokes eyes, intimacy, close conversation, and every imaginable contour of the human heart.

“I have to go through a mountain of bad vocal records to get to the diamonds in the uh …rough. But that’s my job and I’m glad I found Margo. If she had not been there I couldn’t have shouted Eureka!!!!”



Let The Rain feat. John Oates

Dota2 New Hero Announcement - Margo Rey as Muerta


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