The Rolling Stones’ songs, “Heaven” and “Miss You”, inspired the concept of my new album, “Habit”. I needed to create something that was lusciously gritty yet ambient. I made it with what I call, lo-fi elements (70’s recording nostalgia) because my ears were saturated and overstimulated with the cloned and brittle sounds of the current pop culture environment. I wanted my voice to sound like me, not the software that it was recorded on.

“Habit” is a collection of songs with a penetrating pulse that defines my human condition of late. The album’s 13 songs are a setlist that reflects the myriad of contrasting events and emotions I had during the creation of “Habit”.  Everyone has a habit or two, be it positive or negative. A habit can be the ultimate distraction, what slowly kills you, or what sets you free so, choose your habits wisely. I hope you start with mine. Margo Rey