Never 2 Late is an upbeat AC pop song that displays Margo’s signature melodic flair and vocals. Following her last releases, “Colours” and “Tempted,” Margo is not stopping anytime soon to write inspiring songs for her fans and collaborated once again with Rock n Roll Hall of Fame songwriter, John Oates on this latest release. The song is one of several that the duo has penned together but, the first song that she and John crafted the music and lyrics simultaneously. “It was a joyful experience and I’m blessed to call him my friend and songwriting partner. John also honors this recording with his gorgeous Hall and Oates harmonies. It’s a message that kindness makes everything better because it is human nature to desire kindness and the need to be understood.” said Margo in a 2015 interview with Indie Music Digest.

Margo’s alternative pop songs have captured a worldwide audience with her unforgettable melodies, groove-oriented arrangements and enduring, socially conscious lyrics that always blend a variety of organic sounds with every bit of emotion. The Indie Music Digest says, “Her musical/vocal style is cut from the cloth of Celine Dion, Bonnie Raitt and Shania Twain.”